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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a DVD cost?

If you are planning your own trip and want to deal with us directly, it could be as low as $15 per DVD(min order $150.00). If you are traveling with a Tour Operator, our product my already be included in your trip. Please call your Tour Operator today and find out if it is included and if not ask them how it can be included.

Can I send more photos?

Yes. We allow you to have up to 250 photos per camera/memory card/usb flash drive. More photos are allowed for larger groups and longer trips.

Group Size    Length of Trip    Approximate Number of Photos
15-120 up to 5 days 250-300 (add 50 for each additional day)
121-180 up to 5 days 300-500 (add 50 for each additional day)
180-240 up to 5 days 550-600 (add 50 for each additional day)
240+ up to 5 days 600-700 (add 50 for each additional day)

Do You Edit the photos?

Yes, a photo editor views every image. They delete photos that do not meet our quality standards, enhance photos by cropping, straightening, and color correction. We also watch for photos that might be objectionable.

Can I have access to the photos used in the video?

Yes, once the photos are edited they are posted to this secure website. Your group's username and password will be displayed at the beginning and end of your DVD video. You can review and download the photos for free and also link them directly to Facebook. You can also order a CD of all the photos taken on your trip. Click here to order a CD of photos.

What happens if the camera breaks or is stolen?

It doesn't happen often, but it does happen. Just give us a call at 1-888-533-7637 ext.213 and we will work with you on getting other photos.

Can I reorder a copy of my Group Travel Video?

Yes, once the video is produced, simply login with your group's username and password and click on the reorder button. If you are already logged in, Click here to order.

Do you offer any other products made from my group's pictures?

Yes, you may order a CD of the photos taken on your tour or 20"x30" PhotoMozaix™. To learn more about PhotoMozaix, visit Click here to order a CD of photos.

Can I upload my digital camera photos to you online?

Yes, simply login to this website with the same username and password shown on your app card. Follow the easy directions to add your photos. Be sure to add your name so it appears under the photo on the app and website so others will know it is your photo.

What about privacy? Is the photo and video access private?

Access to your photos and Group Travel Videos is password protected, so only those who go on the trip and their family can have access them. We do not ask for, nor need, the user's email address. That is why there is a username and password to access the app. No private information is gathered from the user's app device. Privacy is very important to us and we take it very seriously. No third party receives any information about you, because in fact, there is no information to share. So, your privacy is secure when using our app or website. If you have a traveler who does not want their photo taken, it is their responsibility to let people know this. The app does have a convenient social media sharing feature that allows users to post photos to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Your group has the option to have all uploaded photos approved for viewing before they can be seen on the app or website. The Approve for Viewing can only be done by logging into the website as the Group Leader/Photo Administrator.

How do I delete a photo I uploaded?

Only the Photo Administrator has the ability to delete photos.

Why can`t I see the photos that have been uploaded?

The Photo Administrator for your group may have selected to require pre-approval of the photos prior to posting in your group’s gallery.

My group`s upload deadline hasn`t been reached but the gallery says that uploading is closed.

Depending on the special instructions we have received from the Photo Administrator for your group, production may have been started early at their request. Please contact us for clarification on your specific order.

I did not get my photos uploaded by the deadline. Can my pictures still be included?

Depending on the special instructions we have received from the Photo Administrator for your group, we may be able to accept your photos. Please contact us with your request and we will do our best to accommodate you.

How do I upload video or audio clips?

Depending on the size of your file we can approve you for video/audio uploading. Please contact us or the photo administrator of your group to get information on how to submit video or audio clips.

What size and resolution do my photos need to be?

Our uploader is designed to resize your images to match our production process. It is best that the pixel height or width be no smaller than 1200. We can still accept images that are smaller, but if the width or height is under 480, it will start to lower the quality of the video.

How do I upload more than 1 photo at a time?

The easiest method to upload multiple photos is to store all the photos in one folder on your computer, browse to that folder, click the first photo, then press CTRL + A on your keyboard (CMD + A for Mac users), this will highlight all the files in that folder. Once all the files are highlighted, click open. The app currently allows for up to 6 photos at a time.

When will my group receive the Storytelling DVD Videos?

Production time generally takes approximately 2-3 weeks from the time we receive your trip photos and all required materials from your Group Leader/Photo Admin. Shipping times vary by location.

Can I order a CD of photos?

Yes. Once the photos have been edited and your video has been produced, you will be able to log in to order a CD of the edited photos, additional DVD copies, and more. Click here to order a CD of photos.

Are the PhotoMozaix™ included as part of our package?

We offer the PhotoMozaix as an individual purchase or quantity discount if multiple travelers would like to order one. Once the video is produced, you can login with your group's username and password and click on the reorder button to order more PhotoMozaix.

Can your products only be purchased through my travel company or can it be directly purchased for other types of events?

We do sell directly to customers. Please call us at 1-888-533-7637 x204 for more information.

How do you select the photos for the Photo of the Month contest?

As our production team is editing your photos, they will submit the photos that really catch their attention. They are professional photography editors and have edited 100s of 1000s of photos. So to answer your question, the better photos you take, the better your chances are for inclusion in the contest. So, catch that magical lighting or get that perfect angle and you could be the next Photo of the Month Contest winner.