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Tour Operators

Each traveler gets a storytelling DVD made from their trip photos. Your branding is featured in all aspects of the Group Travel Videos™ program. Your logo will appear on the FREE app, this website, all print materials, videos, and much more...

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Group Leaders and Educators

Group Leaders &

Your group shares their trip photos in one place using the FREE app & website. Each traveler gets a card with your group's unique login. Group Leaders get a separate admin login with special photo & video permissions.

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Students and Travelers

Students & Travelers

Share your trip photos in one place using the FREE app & website. Then share to social media from the app or website. After the trip, we make a storytelling DVD video from all the photos! Your can stream the video on the app or website and every traveler gets a DVD!

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Family Staying at Home

Family Staying at Home

Travel along as the once in a lifetime experience unfolds! Simply login to the FREE app or website with the group's login. Each traveler will have received a card with their group's unique login. Check it every day or every few hrs to see the newly posted photos!

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  • I just came back from a few days off and had a chance to see the video. I was so very pleased with it. It is awesome and will serve as a lasting memory for our students. They were all sent out with report cards and I have heard from a couple of people that already [read more]....

    North Lakeland Elementary
    Bob Rogers Travel
    Jun 19 2015

  • This is the third time that my school group has used Group Travel Videos and I am always amazed by the finished product. This company does an astonishing job at combining our photos and videos to make a one of a kind souvenir. This DVD is a great way for them to sh [read more]....

    Chris B.
    Appleseed Expeditions
    Mar 22 2019

  • Thanks so much for all you are doing to make this trip a dream come true for the children of Northern Light School. You are wonderful...

    M. Lewis
    Northern Lights School
    Apr 21 2011

  • Great job! My 8th grade students love the memento of their Quebec trip. The 7th grade students enjoy it almost as much, waiting for their turn next year! Thank you so much.

    Janet Klein
    Coolidge Middle School
    May 31 2011

  • It`s great to get the DVDs and even better with all of the photos online to share and save. Love that! It`s perfect for our student and adult groups to remember their tour. And it`s great to work with you! Thanks for taking such great care of everything!

    Taunya Wolfe Finn, CTP
    Wolfe Adventures & Tours, LLC
    Oct 9 2013

  • I was so jazzed when I saw the box in the mail, that I ripped it open and oh my goodness!!!!! I was speechless! What an awesome treasure! Thank you for making this happen.

    Stacy Richter
    Parsons Junior High School
    Jul 11 2012

  • Our trip DVDs from your company have always turned out beautifully - it`s one of the best souvenirs anyone could have of such a memorable trip. thanks!

    R. Mancini
    Camas High School
    May 8 2013

  • Hi John, I wanted to make sure to give you my glowing review of Group Travel Videos! (GTV) Most definitely - after traveling to Cuba on the Teacher FAM last year, I was thrilled to learn about your GTV and was excited to utilize the entire service with my student t [read more]....

    Melissa W, teacher
    Roosevelt HS
    Aug 10 2017

  • As a tour operator, I am constantly looking for added value for our student trips. Well I sure found it with PhotoVision Inc! Our first two middle school groups recently received their DVD''s. Fantastic!! I am very impressed with the quality and the ease of steps l [read more]....

    Lee Potapenko
    Progressive Travel
    Aug 15 2011

  • I didn`t want to let another day go by without telling you how very pleased I am with the final output of both the video and the mosaic for the Olathe South High School group. Very impressive!! I`m also quoting another large group out of Riverside, MO. and I`m just [read more]....

    June Bates
    Bates etc. Travel
    Jan 24 2014

  • the DVD is FABULOUS and you all did a beautiful job, so thank you!!! We are planning a viewing party with our travelers next month and we are very excited to relive our wonderful Italy experience!! Thanks to you and your wonderful team for all your efforts and support!!

    L. Amos
    Ray of Hope Choir
    Aug 22 2013

  • Hi John, Just wanted to let you know that I got the DVDs from our Dixieland trip and took one home to look at it before sending copies to customers. I LOVED IT!!!. You did a great job with the music and I can''t thank you enough for including our personal recording [read more]....

    Barbara Hahl
    the Golden Account Club-Jeff Bank
    Nov 10 2011

  • Thank you so much for the wonderful Mosaic. We will enjoy reliving our trip each time we look at it!

    A. Pratt
    McMichael High School
    Jul 15 2013

  • We LOVED the DVD!! Thank you so much. It was really an easy way to put together photos from the trip. I didn`t even take our fancy camera along and just used everyone`s phone camera! It really turned out nice. We watched it as a group last week and the kids loved i [read more]....

    Tom W.
    Feb 18 2015

  • My son's 8th grade class from Ridgedale Middle School, NJ, went to Washington DC and what a fantastic job "TravelOn USA" did with the DVD photo presentation. The kids appeared to have had a very memorable and exciting trip. So thank you, for providing this wonderfu [read more]....

    Adelaide Ruela

    Jul 28 2010

  • The USB is a great option this year for school groups. It allows for other students to add photos and get a different viewpoint. The DVD from last year was fantastic! I was very impressed with the cleaned up version of some of my not so great photos, and the selection of music was perfect. Thanks, Jama

    Jama Britton
    Wharton County Fifth Graders
    Feb 15 2011

  • Scottish Heritage Tour Testimonial: I want to express my delight with the video of my Scotland Heritage Tour of 2012. You have done an excellent job of covering all the places we visited. The Scottish background music is great. We will all treasure our video. Thanks.

    Charles H. Carlisle
    Scottish Heritage Tour
    Nov 6 2012

  • THANK YOU VERY MUCH - I HAVE RECEIVED AND REVIEWED AND THEY ARE FABULOUS. Thank you for using so many photos - it was an awesome and very picturesque tour. Until we travel again...

    C. Tangert
    Lancaster County Chapter of School Retirees
    May 20 2013

  • The travel videos that PhotoVision creates for our major tours and we give as a travel gift to our tour members are always very well done, an affordable meaningful gift and very much appreciated by the tour participants.

    Patty Paul
    First Citizens Heritage Club
    Oct 27 2011

  • Dear Christine, I picked up a trip DVD today and was the 1st to watch it. Your team created from some good photos a fantastic show of memories! I can''t thank you enough for the formatting and the selection of music - PERFECT! It is extraordinary in every way. Than [read more]....

    S. Garner
    Shelter Cove Community School/American Christian T
    Nov 16 2011

  • I am at a loss for words! This video is absolutely amazing! Many kudos to your editing team! I am so excited to have a viewing party with my kids. This is such an amazing way to remember the trip! Cant wait to see what the surprises are!

    Chris Banas
    Health Sciences Charter School
    Jun 2 2016

  • Hi John! Just wanted you to know how very pleased I am with the videos you produced of our Alpine Countries/Oberammergau Passion Play tour. They are absolutely fabulous! I love the music you selected and the various transitions among photos. I'm so excited to send [read more]....


    Nov 18 2010

  • "When I got home today, a box was delivered. In that box was the tour DVD''s from the company you use in North Carolina. Because I needed a lift, I stuck it in my computer and watched it. I have to say that i am very impressed with the way that they formateed our D [read more]....

    Choir Director
    Music Contact International
    May 24 2012

  • The DVD's were great! The students thoroughly enjoyed them and I am sure that they will cherish them as a fond memory of their time in high school. I would not hesitate to enlist the services of Photovision and Group Travel Videos for future educational field trips [read more]....

    Jeff Fong
    Academic Travel/Crestwood Prep
    Feb 15 2011

  • Dear Group Travel Videos, As an avid fan of photography, I have to tell you how much I loved the DVD you created for my youngest son's 8th grade trip to Boston. I have done these types of DVDs myself and they are a lot of work - especially if you have as many pict [read more]....

    Laura Farris

    Jul 9 2011

  • I just have to tell you how I LOVE the video! Your company did an awesome job. The song pic''s were right on the money. I have watched it about 5 times now and it brings a tear to my eyes every time the song comes on "My Angels Watch Over Me". I am going to have al [read more]....

    Girl Scout Troop 10679
    Kathy Pumo
    Aug 6 2012

  • The memories your videos provide for our travelers (and for me) are priceless! They are the perfect thank you gift that they can share with family and friends. Thank you for providing such a first class product at such an affordable price!

    Joan M Gibson
    AmeriClub Director
    Nov 19 2010

  • Greetings Deb! The keepsake videos are breathtaking. The first cohort of UBMS has been beautifully captured in such an intricately orchestrated manner. We are truly pleased with the production, special effects, graphics and strategically timed pictures with ou [read more]....

    T. Samuel
    Oct 1 2013

  • Thank you so much for offering the great looking photo mosaics of the students. We already love the DVD you put together for us and the mosaic is something else that will add to the kids being able to treasure this "trip of their lifetime!" When we go to Washington [read more]....

    David Newman
    Middle School Teacher, Ft. Dodge IA
    May 2 2012

  • My travelers really enjoyed the videos that you did for me....They make great souvenir gifts - easy too!

    Shari Fulton
    Bank Iowa

  • We at Ebert Tours were introduced to PhotoVision several years ago. We`ve worked closely with John O`Malley in setting up this service for quite a few of our trips. Each keepsake DVD has been wonderful; however our last trip The Train/Bus Western Tour was spectacul [read more]....

    Noel & Barbara Ebert
    Ebert Tours, Cincinnati, OH
    Aug 15 2012

  • The DVD is great and the music compliments the pictures well - thanks again for a great keepsake for the kids!

    Lori Petchauer
    Worldstrides/CPJH Santee, CA
    Jun 11 2012

  • Dear Photo Vision, For several years, I have lead a group of eighth grade students from Pilot Point Middle School to Washington, D. C. for an amazing chance to see American history, government, and culture up close and personal. It is a highlight of my school year [read more]....

    Jamye Richmond
    Discover DC Sponsor Pilot Point Middle School Pi
    Aug 9 2010

  • What an awesome way to capture a perfect trip! I enjoyed watching my students reaction as much as I enjoyed the video. This will be a wonderful reminder of endless memories we made together!

    J. Stambaugh
    Belle Plaine High School Singers

  • I just want to say thank you for this video! I was blown away when viewing it and cannot wait to give this to the kids! They have no idea it is coming so I think are going to be thrilled. You did a fantastic job with it and I am more than happy with how it turne [read more]....

    P. Diem
    KMS Band - Music Celebrations International
    Aug 22 2013

  • We received the videos from our Egypt trip 2 days before our post-trip get-together. Had it playing during our party & it was the hit of the party!

    Brenda Fontenot
    Cameron State Bank

  • Hey Sandi, Just a word to let you know we got our DVD's from the trip back and it is awesome! That did a super bang up, very professional job! I don't know what we paid for it but I figure it is worth every penny. They made the whole process very easy with th [read more]....

    D. Jones
    Tour-Rific of Texas/Klein High School Choir
    Jun 2 2011

  • Our groups just LOVE the picture DVD`s!! So many people don`t take pictures and it is a great way for the whole group to have a keepsake of the fantastic trip they had. We really appreciate your service from year to year and want to thank you and your staff for the great job!!

    DeeAnn Linton
    Huddletrip, LLC
    Oct 8 2013

  • We got the DVDs yesterday. They were great! Thank you for your patience and hard work. THANK YOU!!!

    M. Schurle
    Heritage Christian
    May 22 2013

  • The 20 x 30 Washington, DC mosiac poster comprised of pictures from our group is absolutely incredible! Thank you so much. I have framed it and am going to put it on the wall in our office area for everyone to see. Thank you so much! The DVD and the mosaic are just [read more]....

    Sped Teacher/Dept Head
    Tracy Allison, Ed.S., SHMS

  • We received the videos! They look GREAT! Thank you so much for this service that you provide. What a neat way to store all our memories!! Thank you again!

    C. Heath
    Colome HS Band & Choir
    Jul 18 2013

  • Our orchestra traveled from Tulsa, OK to Nashville, TN, and the app made communication between myself, my chaperones, and my students super easy. Everyone really \\\"bought in\\\" to uploading photos from the trip, so our video is over 20 minutes of memories that w [read more]....

    Liza Villarreal
    Edison Preparatory Orchestra
    Apr 23 2019

  • OMG!!!! I just watched the DVD from our trip to DC!!! WOW!!! Thank you so much for making such an amazing memory for our students!!! Will definitely use you and your company again in the future!!! Please forward my email to all necessary staff!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

    Mrs. Farnham Teacher
    Pierce Hammock
    Aug 5 2018

  • We received our videos today. They are excellent and the kids love watching it. You folks are so easy to work with. We appreciate everything you do for us and the good work you do with our pictures. Thanks again and we look forward to working with you next year.

    Russ Lummus
    David Crockett MS
    Apr 5 2013

  • I can't imagine touring without our PhotoVision videos. We have toured many times and the videos are an amazing ending to each tour. Our students love to watch the videos over and over again. Thanks to Music Celebrations International for insisting that these video [read more]....

    N. Artley
    Pine Forest High School Orchestra & Aces
    May 3 2011

  • We have used PhotoVision for the past several years not only as a great trip memento, but also as a marketing tool as we do parent presentations in the fall. In both cases, the professional quality, fast paced presentation and upbeat format are hits with parents an [read more]....

    Don Zimring
    Oct 27 2011

  • Just wanted to thank you for the amazing! photo mosaic we just got in the mail! You totally made our Monday! What a very, very cool way to remember such a wonderful trip, we will display it proudly in our studio!

    Sarah and Michelle
    Spezio Dance Dynamics
    Sep 30 2013

  • Our band, choir, and orchestra traveled to London and the students had an absolutely wonderful time. This DVD was a great way for them to capture and share their incredible experiences. Additionally, the DVD has served as a useful recruiting tool. Students in the y [read more]....

    Monica H
    Lincoln HS Music
    Feb 22 2019

  • I think that the videos that Group Travel Videos creates for my students are awesome. I used to put hundreds of student and adult pictures taken into a powerpoint and then copy the powerpoint onto CDs. It took hours and hours. As a teacher I don''t have those hours [read more]....

    S. Haverberg
    E V Cain MS
    May 4 2011

  • Thank you so much for the videos-our students thoroughly enjoyed watching them in class, and it brought back such fond memories of our Washington D.C. trip. The video was so nicely edited, and the variety of photos featured every child on the trip. I loved the open [read more]....

    C. Johnson
    Elmont Memorial High School
    Jun 13 2012

  • Just received the DVD's yesterday. WOW! It is a great keepsake! Create-A-Video did a great job of telling our story through the pictures. Students will have something to always remember the trip. It is also great not to take 50 pictures of the group with each child [read more]....

    Jodie Dean
    West Ridge Middle

  • We just got our downloadable link from Group Travel Videos and it is fantastic! From start to finish, the good folks at this company communicated promptly, offered exceptional customer service, and a wonderful product. I just sent out the link to our kids and they [read more]....

    Desiree Overree
    SLHS Orchestra
    May 19 2020

  • Many thanks for the absolutely beautiful DVD you produced of my choir`s tour to Germany and the Czech Republic in May and June. The blending of the photographs in the chronological order of the tour in such a creative way will provide all the more memories for [read more]....

    D. Elwell
    Overbrook Choir
    Jul 25 2013

  • I was so pleased with the end result of the "schnazzy" dvd that was created on behalf of the students and parents who were part of our 8th grade class trip. I can`t thank you enough for your professionalism and easy-to-work-with staff, with your goal of creating me [read more]....

    Thomas W. Wrege
    Trinity Lutheran School
    Dec 19 2012

  • We received our copy of the School of the Arts Chamber Orchestra's DVD of their March/April 2009 tour of Europe. The DVD is wonderful; thank you for putting together such a marvelous keepsake for them AND for advertising so nicely for Ambassador Tours at the end of the DVD!

    Jess Tonander,
    Ambassador Tours

  • Thanks for this great addition to my trip. I have made my own DC video every year since 1994 and not having to was Awesome!

    Greg Alexander

    May 12 2015

  • Hi John, I just wanted to say first what a great representative of your company you are! It was a joy working with you! Our video is awesome and honestly couldn''t have turned out better! I would highly recommend this company. This is something that our band kids a [read more]....

    May 1 2012

  • Thanks for this great, affordable service.

    Patty Paul
    Heritage Club

  • We received the DVD's for one of our best clients New York tour and they are just superb!! So much so that I am using one to promo a similar tour to another school for next year and to showcase the Create A Video service that we include with our tours. The Washingto [read more]....

    Ron Jeffey
    Innovative Group Travel

  • I've never been so happy with a photo video DVD.

    Lynetta Nelthropp
    Tyee High School

  • The students love the Photo DVD. You app and process is so easy to use. The parents loved that they could see pictures being uploaded and felt like they were part of the trip while being at home.

    Christopher Pitlik
    Alan B. Shepard High School
    Jan 20 2016

  • This has been the most rewarding experience. Thank you Group Travel Videos for providing such a wonderful gift. Capturing memories for a lifetime.

    Dr. Constance McIntyre
    The McIntyre Institute School Of Liturgical Dance
    Jul 6 2017

  • I appreciate having a keepsake video of my student trip created by your company. Not only do I have our trip memories all neatly put together on DVD, but the process itself is SO simple!

    N. Oyadomari
    Lucerne Valley Middle School

  • John, THANK YOU for the SUPERIOR DVDs you made for the Prime Time Clubs Canadian Rockies tour! This is the best one yet! I am thrilled with the musical selections, transitions between photos, and the color and clarity of the finished product. You did an awesome job [read more]....

    Julia Terwilleger
    Dupaco Community Credit Union, Dubuque, IA
    Oct 10 2011

  • Our school went to Washington DC for our first ever trip with a new, national student travel company in 2016. The students were able to use the Group Travel Videos App to upload the photos of their experiences. In March of 2017, I hosted a student and parent meetin [read more]....

    Chris L
    Malcolm Public Schools
    Apr 2 2018

  • John, everyone thought the video DVD your company produced was a great memento for the wonderful trip we enjoyed to Washington D.C. last June. I have heard nothing but good comments from our band members. We all have appreciated the efforts and expertise of your fo [read more]....

    Dale Cleland
    Music Celebration Int
    Oct 10 2016

  • In August 2015, I escorted a wonderful group of 40 travelers on a two week Baltic Pilgrimage Cruise aboard the fabulous Regal Princess. I could think of nothing better than giving each person a video of our incredible pilgrimage cruise and Group Travel Videos provi [read more]....

    Nancy Sloan
    Talbot Tours
    Oct 20 2015

  • We received the DVDs of our trip today. They are amazing! I can't wait to show it to the kids. :) This will be a keepsake like no other. Thanks, also, for the prompt turn around...even though I submitted the memory card after the date you requested. I would not hes [read more]....

    Mrs. Beth Chamberlin
    Castaic Middle School

  • VERY WELL DONE!!! We have received their videos and they are great. The kids really liked them too. Thanks for doing such a great job and being such a reliable company to deal with. Already looking forward to doing it again next year.

    Russ Lummus
    David Crockett Middle School
    Apr 19 2011

  • Both the band and chorus recently took a trip to Orlando. As directors, we loved the app. It has been so much fun getting to see the awesome experience our students had on our trip. We look forward to having the keepsake DVD that we can use to show to others in the future. Thanks so much!

    Jason R.
    Bob Rogers Travel
    Apr 5 2019

  • Just a quick note to tell you how well that your product is being received. Every year we spread out around the state of FL and visit our clients. It gives us a chance to meet with them face to face and talk personally. The teachers love the fact that they get to u [read more]....

    Grant Doyle
    Educational Tours-FL
    Sep 28 2012

  • The pictures turned out great! I loved everything about this video! I will not travel again with my students without this great keepsake. It`s also a great help in recruiting for next year`s trip when I have my parents meeting in the fall

    Ken Fenchel
    Novi Middle School

  • Many thanks. The DVD was awesome - brought tears to my eyes - thanks for the memories!

    Creative Steps Dance
    Oct 2 2013

  • These DVD's are perfect, thank you so much. The students really like viewing their videos when they come in and so do I. You make our memorable trip live on and on and with such professionalism. At the end of this school year, I will have completed 37 years as a p [read more]....

    L. Mages
    Redlands & Fruita Middle School
    May 18 2011

  • I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful job you all did with our video. It was 1,000 times better than we expected! Thank you so much for the wonderful memories we will be able to keep special with your video! We will definately keep you on the top of our list f [read more]....

    Maria Brown
    Lightnings Jr. Cheerleading

  • Hi John, I received the videos and group pictures today... Absolutely love them!!! Yayyyyyy!!! They look great! Please tell your team `thank you`. This is my 8th time since 2006 that I have used Group Travel Videos for my student trips and they get better and bette [read more]....

    Gwen Hicks
    Green Pastures Christian School
    May 30 2014

  • We absolutely LOVE the work that you do creating such outstanding videos for our club members! You keep their travel memories alive!

    Jan Faust
    First Citizens National Bank
    Apr 2 2014

  • To my friends at Kelly Tours..I just had to email you and let you know how impressed I am with the video that Group Travel Video created from our trip pictures. They are so well organized, the transitions are great, and the music is really good. In the future if I [read more]....

    Emerson C. Gifted Educati
    William James Middle School
    Jun 21 2017

  • We use the Group Travel Video as a thank you to our travelers. We make sure we tell folks it is included thanks to the group leader. We think that it makes it feel a little more special. We also tell them even if travelers are not into taking photos that they will [read more]....

    Rick Pharr
    CTN Travels
    Mar 8 2017

  • The app was a WONDERFUL addition to our trip! We have done the videos in the past, but this was so user friendly and such a huge asset for communication! Thanks so much for creating it!!!!

    Jennifer Nicol
    Ubly HS Band
    Apr 11 2017

  • Thank you so much for the video of our Chicago trip. It was amazing what you could do with our 300 plus pictures and the logical order you put them in. Just when we thought you had done it all, we would see another special effect. Great job.

    M. Cordell
    Trinity Christian School
    Jun 8 2011

  • What a great memory our students and chaperones have of our trip to Northern Michigan and Mackinac Island. It was all captured perfectly by PhotoVision! This was truly a professional display of our collection of photos from our field trip this year. The fourth grad [read more]....

    Kate Messina
    Hatherly Elementary
    Jun 24 2011

  • We thank you for a wonderful DVD of our trip. It is so beautiful. Great job. Your expertise with our amateur photos and the music made my day. Great memories for life. God Bless.

    Pastor Joey
    Casterbridge Tours
    Apr 13 2011


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Every traveler receives a DVD!
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You've heard the expression 'time flies'. There is a reason for that. Hold on to the keepsake DVD, because time will teach you the value of memories.

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We are excited about producing a keepsake DVD for your student made from everyone's shared pictures taken during their group trip!

Your tour operator is providing this keepsake as part of your student's tour package.

There is no extra cost!

As a parent, you know more now than ever the importance of the memories recorded in pictures and videos. When you look at some of your old pictures you are reminded of this. Today, pictures are everywhere, and we may be taking them for granted, especially our young folks (just like we did as kids!). The trip your student is taking will be one they will want to remember in years to come and enjoy living at future class reunions. But we know they will want to enjoy it today, too. We have the solution.

We need pictures and are asking for your student's help! Using smartphones & digital cameras, your student can share photos with everyone in the group.

Watch this short video to learn how the Group Travel Videos™ App works!!

Digital Camera Users:

  • Login with the username and password on the Traveler App Card.
  • Click "Select Photos to Upload" button and browse your computer for the photos you wish to upload.

Student Tips:

  • Your name will appear under the pictures you share so others will know who took them.
  • Do not share offensive photos. (Note above point)
  • Share pictures with your classmates in them, ideally with a monument, building, or something of interest related to the trip in the background. Be creative and have fun with it.
  • Pictures taken HORIZONTALLY are better for the video than vertical pictures. We will use vertical pictures if that is all you have available.
  • Sending us pictures with a smartphone will use data from your cell phone provider unless your student can connect to a free Wi-Fi service. Most buses, hotels, airports, and restaurants offer this free service. We suggest your students take advantage of free Wi-Fi to minimize data usage on your cell service plan.
  • Travelers will have up to one week after the trip is complete to share photos before we produce your video. However, we encourage them to share photos as the trip is in progress so family and friends can "virtually" tag along!

"Virtually" Tag Along On the Trip!

Login with the username and password your student has on their Traveler App Card using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Enjoy seeing pictures of your student learning, having fun, and get some peace of mind knowing they're safe and having a great time.