Formerly Known As Create A Video.

PhotoVision, Inc. was incorporated in 1997 in Charlotte, NC. Originally called Create A Video, we changed our name to Group Travel Videos™ reflecting the main market we serve, the group travel industry. We have a passion to teach our youth the value of memories, and to keep life changing memories from going into a digital wasteland. We believe a physical vehicle like a DVD will give the memory a chance to last for generations. We have served over 1,500,000 families and understand more than many how important memories are to them. with our over 90 years of combined experience in the industry.

Pictures from Yesterday...and today...made into storytelling videos!

Our most popular and flexible product is Group Travel Videos™, which is a storytelling DVD video created from travel pictures taken with digital cameras and smartphones. We have been producing videos made from pictures for so long that we can remember when we used to use slides and printed photos to create these videos onto VHS. Since then, PhotoVision has evolved from using VHS tapes to using web and smartphone video streaming. From our years of experience in the industry, we of course know the value of these precious memories; therefore, we continue to provide each traveler with a DVD video so they can keep and share their once in a lifetime travel experience for years to come.

We'll blend your photos with music, custom titles, and transitions to make storytelling video on lifelong DVD and instant viewing on your smartphone and computer.

We make your memories come to life!

If you need assistance or a customized package, please call us 1.888.533.7637 x213.

Meet the Key Team Members

Dave Martinson

Dave Martinson
Founder & President

Always having a passion for photography, Dave began his career as a news video/film photographer in Charlotte NC. After graduating with a BA in Business Administration from UNC Charlotte's Belk College of Business in 1977, he pursued his passion with the nation's largest portrait photography company. He served in operations, research, marketing, and advertising. In 1985 he co-founded CVS, Inc. which was a video transfer company serving a national market through Sears. Later his business partner Ed Tepera developed the very first computer generated photo-to-video montage. The company put their new invention in 45 Wal-Mart stores primarily in the southeast. It was there when he discovered the powerful emotional response people have seeing their photos come to life on their TV and has focused on this niche ever since. This business was sold in 1995 to American Studios. He bought back the assets and trademarks and started PhotoVision Inc. in April 1997. Since then Dave has guided the company through the never-ending technological changes in photography and video that have occurred, and has created new markets and products offered to groups and individuals through a variety of industries. He has been fortunate to find creative and intelligent talent, who share the same vision and are the backbone of his passion....saving and creating keepsake memories for families.

Dave enjoys his family and friends, golf, the Panthers, Hornets, and travel. He and his wife of 41 years have been blessed with two children and now have two grandchildren.

John O'Malley

John O'Malley
VP of Group Sales

John started his sales career at PhotoVision back in January of 1999, after being in outside sales all of his life. A trip to St. Maarten in the summer of 1998 with his wife Lee and good friends Dave & Wrenn Martinson set the stage for what is now called "Group Travel Videos".

As an avid photographer, Dave was taking pictures during their vacation. The idea of "creating a video" of their trip was brought up one day while sunning on the beaches. Martinson owned a video production business and had developed a program of using still pictures to make videos with music and special effects. They gathered their favorite 150 printed pictures, dropped in some island music, and the first Group Travel Video was created. When watching it, it was if they were back in the islands relieving their vacation all over again and it literally brought tears to their eyes. Lights were flashing with ideas as they felt this would be a perfect product for the travel industry.

In late 1998, Dave met with a local travel agency and offered to do a test for a 6th grade class traveling to DC. A few weeks later, a call from the agent confirmed their hunch as both the teacher & agent flipped when seeing the finished product. John was on his way to FL for a national sales meeting when Dave called to share the good news. He'll never forget the call when Dave said "we have something here" and offered him a sales job. Three weeks later John joined PhotoVision. "It was without question the best move I’ve ever made" and he has never looked back. It took a few months to develop the correct formula but they still remember the response they heard from tour operators after their first travel convention saying "what a fantastic idea". They still hear those comments today 16 years later.

Say's John.."follow your dreams, take chances, believe in what you do and you and the people around you will be successful" John has been married for 36 years to his wife Lee and they have 3 kids, Chris, Mark & Erin and granddaughter Camille. He enjoys following The Carolina Panthers and Charlotte Hornets, and of course trips to St. Maarten.

Alex Palafox

Alex Palafox
VP Production

Alex has been working in the video industry his entire career which started in 1981 in Mexico City as a producer for government special events for radio and TV broadcasts. He attended California State University and the University of Austin Texas to learn English and to hone his skills in audio and video production.

He joined CVS Inc after moving to Charlotte in 1989 and worked in various operational capacities including technical design, equipment repair and maintenance, including supervision of a large video transfer production staff. In 1995, he became a proud citizen of the United States, but shares the pride for his native country of Mexico.

A few months after PhotoVision began operations in 1997, he joined the company as the key technical director, and is currently the VP of Production for the Company. He shares the passion of photography and producing memories for our customers.

Favorite interests are golfing, soccer, and the professional sports teams in Charlotte, the Carolina Panthers and Charlotte Hornets. He has two smart and beautiful daughters who live in Charlotte close to home.

Sherri Taylor

Sherri Taylor

Sherri graduated from Wingate College in 1994 with a bachelor's degree in Business and a emphasis in Accounting.

Sherri was one of the original employees in 1997 and is one of the owners. She ran the accounting department and was our retail store manager in the beginning years of PhotoVision, Inc. In 2004, Sherri took a break from the professional world to become a mom. It was not long before she returned to managing the accounting and oversee the day to day operations. After being with the company for over 13 years, she provides critical controls required to make an efficient operation that touches all aspects of the business.

In her spare time Sherri enjoys spending time with her husband of 14 years and her two boys ages 11 and 8. Cooking, couponing, photography and watching her boys play sports are also some of her favorite pastimes.

Phil Mead

Phil Mead
Creative Director, PhotoVision USA & Managing Director, PhotoVision UK

Phil graduated from Lincoln university in England in 2007 with a degree in Design and Animation. With a natural passion for video production he found himself producing his own videos and shorts in his spare time before being introduced to our PhotoVision in 2007. The founder's daughter started the PhotoVision UK operation, who happens to be Phil's sister-in-law. He took over the operation in 2008 after she decided to be a Mum (Mom).

Phil understood the power of the PhotoVision concept and brought it to customers in England, kick-starting the UK division for overseas clients. More recently Phil has been involved with the redesign and rebranding of Group Travel Videos and helped us with brand uniformity, style, and distinction.

In his spare time Phil enjoys designing, making things, playing football and spending time with his wife and daughter.

Katie Hudgens

Katie Hudgens

Katie is one of the youngest members of our team. She joined PhotoVision as our shipper in 2012 soon after graduating from high school. A rare find, her work ethic and unique ability to multi-task has made her one of our key 'go-to' team players. Her responsibilities include quality control, customer service, music development, and shipping. Katie is also very passionate about creating memories of a lifetime for our customers, and this is clearly evident in everything she does.

A former high school athlete, she still enjoys a great game of softball, and enjoys writing music, going hunting, spending time with family and friends, and of course, is a Carolina Panthers and Charlotte Hornets fan, too.

Clint Hall

Clint Hall
Create A Video Retail Manager

Clint has always had a passion in the photography and film industry. He began by making short films of his own at a very young age, and getting involved in the independent film community. He continued his studies of film production as a native of Virginia at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA). Once he relocated to Charlotte, NC he continued his education at Central Piedmont Community College.

It was shortly after that he joined PhotoVision in 2006 working as a seasonal editor & in shipping, quality control for the group travel business. He is currently Manager for our retail arm of the company, Create A Video. . He specializes in producing promotional videos as well as capturing the memories of our customers from video transfers to custom video montages made from photos.

In his spare time Clint enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and fishing with his wife Rachel, family & friends.