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Group Travel Videos™ are memory keepsake videos created from digital photos taken on tour.

Travelers will be able to download our NEW APP to send us photos taken by their smartphones or tablets while on tour.
Family at home can follow the trip as it takes place on the web or on their favorite mobile device. Access is username and password protected.
Easily share your trip pictures to your favorite social media with the Group Travel Videos™ app.
Watch your finished Group Travel Video on your computer, tablet or phone. If you have the app installed, you will get a notification when your video is ready to watch.
Memories for a LIFETIME! Travelers can keep their precious memories forever on DVD & watch for years to come! Travelers can watch their keepsake DVDs at graduation parties or reunions!
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It all works in just 4 simple steps!

We provide you
with a username & password to login to our app and website to upload trip photos.

Or we can send you a digital camera or memory card to use.

Your group
uploads photos with our app or website while you travel and/or after you travel.

You return any of our equipment back in the prepaid mailer we provide.

We edit your
photos and repost them to the app and website. We create your video from the edited photos.

Your photos can only be accessed with your group’s username & password.

We ship your
DVDs to you and make your video electronically available through our app & website.